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Voice Controlled Air Mouse Remote

Navigate Smarter, Easier, and Faster!

This amazing remote is designed specifically for SkyStream & EZ Stream Android TV Boxes! All of the buttons work flawlessly with the Kodi Media Center. Connect the box with the USB dongle and Enjoy! There are no special pairing instructions, the remote will work immediately. Seamlessly navigate your box and the Kodi Media Center. A full QWERTY keyboard allows for simple navigation and easy search functionality. The backlit feature allows for easy navigation even in the dark! All of this means the most incredible streaming experience available!

Goes Perfectly With The SkyStream or EZ Stream Streaming Media Players!
Easy To Use!

Endless Entertainment. Unlimited Possibilities.

Are you ready to enter the world of UNLIMITED STREAMING? With Android TV, this little device can stream tons of movies, TV shows and sporting events both live and recorded! You'll never miss another episode again! The SkyStream PRO gives you tons of apps, games, TV shows, movies, sporting events and music all at the push of a button!

Download your favorite streaming application and start watching within minutes! Open the Google Play Store and look for fun and exciting games for the whole family to enjoy! This versatile media player will keep your room filled with endless entertainment for years to come!

Save Money

Streaming is the way of the future. You don’t need to be tied down to a cable provider’s rules and bills. With the SkyStream PRO Streaming Media Player, there are FREE streaming application available to download through the Google Play Store so you never have to pay another dollar for cable again!

Plug & Play Ready

Set up is simple. Just plug in the power. Connect to your internet. Start streaming!

Watch up to 8K, 4K and Full 1080P HD

Get the best picture quality, only with SkyStream PRO, which offers you up to 8k Ultra High Definition streaming capabilities — something Apple TV and Chromecast don’t support.

Get Your Shows Faster

The upgraded WiFi can handle the fastest speeds, giving you the smoothest streaming experience and the most reliable signal.

Customize Your Streaming

Powered by Android, the SkyStream PRO Streaming Media Player is totally customizable. Add or remove any apps, surf the internet, read emails — all on your TV. Anything you can do on your phone, you can do on your TV with the SkyStream PRO Streaming Media Player.

What's Included

With the SkyStream PRO Streaming Media Player you will receive: 

SkyStream PRO Streaming Media Player, Bluetooth Remote, Quick Start Guide, HDMI Cable and Power Supply!

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Should've bought it with the Ti8

Been a customer since the Ti4 so should have known better than to exclude the air mouse when I bought the Ti8. Oh well, we live and learn, eh?

For another 25 buck investment I can promise you you're life will be easier with the air mouse, folks.

Air mouse is great

I like the design. On one side operates like a TV remote, the other side a keyboard. The back light lites up the keys on one side then when you flip it lites up the other, and turns off to conserve battery. Wonderful.
There is one draw back. While using the keyboard the lettering doesn't always come out the way you expect, but still works well.

Air Mouse Backlight Remote

After reviewing the Air Mouse on Amazon's website and reading the issues people where having I decided to order mine from KODI Element. Since I have the Ti4 and Ti8 Movie Boxes, this remote is excellent to have. This is basically an all-in-one remote after the easy programming. A cute show off for family and friends to see

Air Mouse For Ti8 ...

I purchased this remote a short while ago to replace my other remotes and keyboard that won't
work with the Ti8. It's a better remote then the basic one that comes with the Ti8.

Back light & Keyboard
Power Button turns Ti8 off/on
Distance / Tracking is good
Programmable buttons (2)
Air mouse
Remote has many buttons / controls

Not comfortable in the hand.
Keyboard & lettering is to small.
Blue secondary keys are (blue on black) and to small.
Remote feels to flat and wide. Not uniform.

Overall: The remote is vast improvement over the basic stock remote that comes with the Ti8.
The remote needs to be larger and more uniform. (Rounded on the sides, top and bottom.) The
remote is to small to have a keyboard on it. Some of the buttons should be colored, like the power
button, ok, mute and so on. My TV remote has no keyboard and it is 35% larger then the Easystream
Air Mouse / keyboard. I'm an older person and my eyesight isn't great, but I'm not close to blind
either. Still, i'm not saying I wouldn't benefit from a large-sized remote for seniors. The lettering is to
small. Light grey on black is ok, but white would stand out more and be a bit easier to see. The OK and
arrow keys are to close to each other and when using the arrow keys, I often strike (mistakenly) the OK
key. The arrow keys should be out more and away from the OK button.

In my humble opinion, I think the best solution would be a larger rounded Air-Mouse / Remote with big easy to
see colored buttons and a nice "separate" (easy to see and read) keyboard. This is my first TV Box and I really like
it. I'm not trying to beat down the Air-Mouse, it works fine. This is my upfront & honest review.


The Air Mouse

It works better than the previous version from Easystream. The distance and tracking Stands out. Generics are not as good...