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What does Streaming Unlimited mean?

It means you have the options to choose how and what you want to stream. Choose from pre-installed apps like Hulu, Netflix, or Kodi. Or install any of your favorite apps from the Google Play Store. Streaming Unlimited means not being limited by what one company wants you to buy from them. Choose your own streaming options on the EZ Stream Ti8.


Streaming Has Never Been Easier!

The EZ Stream Ti8 is the best streaming media player for beginners and experts alike. Start streaming in minutes with pre-installed apps, or install your own streaming favorites. It's as simple as that. Our first class customer service is available to help with any questions.


How Much Money Will You Save?

Cable prices continue to increase. With pricing trends continuing to rise, now is the perfect time to slash your cable. The EZ Stream Ti8 is the perfect cable cutting device. Choose from unlimited streaming options within our Media Center or from your favorite streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix. Every app streams extremely fast and extremely clear!

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