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Saving Tons!

I cut cable and I'm using this box to replace it. It's amazing. Don't regret cutting cable at all! You need to get one.

Great Device!

It's super easy to use and it works great! So glad I got it!

This product is awesome!!!!

This product is really top notch. Congratulations guys!

EZ Stream Media Player With Air Mouse Remote
Great product

Easy setup works great

Android box

Very good if hard wired to the router

Great Android TV Box

EZ Stream is a great business and their products are simply outstanding. You can't beat the price of this amazing box which does everything!!

Bills House

Love the box, a little faster processing than the TI8+. Set up was easy as usual. I was not prepared for the Google home screen that appears any time I hit the home button and had to figure out how to get KODI on the app list on that screen. Overall satisfied and will recommend the box to friends.

Exceeded expectations!

Easy install, clean look, navigates like a charm. I need to spend some time figuring out what streamers do what. Several people I work with will be buying this week.

Refurbished EZ Stream Ti8 Plus Streaming Media Player
EZStreams are the best

I love the EZStreams they are so simple to use and the quality is perfect. This is my second purchase with a 3rd one on the way.

Too much buffering

I have a Cox contour internet and I pay $ 165 just to have the highest speed between 190 and 220 Mbs.
with all that speed the buffering is very annoying.
and it keeps happening every 10 seconds , plays for few seconds and buffers again.
To get to watch something it takes forever to load.
And finally it tells you an error has occurred.
It’s a waste of time.
if you have a solution for buffering let me know, otherwise , I’ll stick back with Netflix , and Tubi and cox cable.

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus Streaming Media Player

Absolutely love it!!! As the name says EZ setup and great customer support.

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus Streaming Media Player
FAST is an understatement !

You know how you try to explain to your kids what a vinyl LP was? Well the way EZ STREAM is going we will have to explain what buffering was.

This unit is so simplified you would have to work really hard to screw this one up. A plug and play unit that only requires you to remember to power off the app before shutting the unit off.

I have the Ti8 and now the TI8 plus it's like comparing night and day.

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus Streaming Media Player
Great box worth the money

What a great box the Ti8 and easy to set up. It was worth the money. Many hours of streaming has begun.

EZ Stream Extended TWO YEAR Warranty

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus Streaming Media Player
Great Box.

My ez stream ti8 plus box has been working great for me because i love watching movies and my favorite tv shows. The box also has other things going for it that i find come in handy.

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus Streaming Media Player

Excellent, I was expecting faster responses after the video you published but other than all of the new DeBrid tabs disappearing and having to clear cache and data then update it has been fine.

Best streaming device I’ve owned...

The Ti8+ Is the best streaming device I have owned. Having owned approximately six other devices, I can honestly say with some certainty that this device is tops. It is intuitive and user friendly. The android 17.1.2 operating system is lightning fast. I would recommend this box to any one seeking a quality Kodi ready streaming device.

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus with Air Mouse Remote
Still waiting for my remote.

I do like the EZstream Ti8 Plus. The picture is crisp & clear. There's hardly any buffering. What little there is I suspect is the fault of my internet provider. It does take a minute to load, but I just turn it on a few minutes earlier than the show I want to watch. I give it 4 stars. It would be 5 stars, but I'm still waiting for my Air Mouse Remote that was supposed to be shipped the same week. I'm still waiting, almost 3 weeks later.

Should've bought it with the Ti8

Been a customer since the Ti4 so should have known better than to exclude the air mouse when I bought the Ti8. Oh well, we live and learn, eh?

For another 25 buck investment I can promise you you're life will be easier with the air mouse, folks.

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus with Air Mouse Remote

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus with Air Mouse Remote

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus Streaming Media Player
Love the box

Love it so much, this is my second one.

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus with Air Mouse Remote
Love it

I had another company's steaming box for 2 years and this one is far superior. Glad I switched.

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus Streaming Media Player
The best of the best

This ezstream box is the best way to get away from the overpriced cable and satellite providers and I love the spread of the plus. This is my second box and the support is top notch. Love it.

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus Streaming Media Player
Very good android box!

The Ti8Plus is a very good device, easy to setup, and fast! I use it in my Home Theatre!

EZ Stream Ti8 Plus with Air Mouse Remote
no light

the air mouse is supposed to light up so you can see numbers and doesnt do is hard to read in the dark.otherwise its a nice item