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About Us


Has this ever happened to you?


You get home after a “tough” day at work, money is tight, and you’re a bit stressed.


You take a look at the stack of mail (or inbox of email), and you see one from your Cable Company. You’re pretty sure you paid them but you think maybe this is about something else? A new deal?


Well, you’re unpleasantly surprised when you see the numbers next to AMOUNT DUE. $200? For cable?


I don’t even watch 99% of what they provide! Plus, they added a nice new surcharge to increase that amount, that’s nice of them! It's enough to make you cry!


You sit down and turn on your TV to take your mind off of this, but you can’t help but be pissed that you’re watching the same thing that’s creating this stress!


You want to take that cable box out to the field and destroy it with a baseball bat!



(We definitely take credit for the photoshop job.)


How can I fix this? How can I get rid of these crazy bills? How can I watch everything I want to watch?


Those are great questions!


By the way, we offer a product that answers all of these questions! (No, it’s not a magic eight ball.)


We will let our video explain it for you.